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  • The Best Solution Provider for Language Education and Services

The Best Solution Provider for Language Education and Services

  • We offer a rich variety of language and teaching resources.
  • We have the most experienced educational consultants.
  • Supports for Language Teaching
  • Latest Trends of ELT
  • Professional Development and Teacher Training
  • Reading in Foreign Languages
  • Digital Resources and Services
  • Parent-Child Language Learning
  • Cooperative Alliances
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR
  • Supports for Language Teaching

    We provide hundreds of domestic and international teaching resources.

    • Distributor/Agent of Language Teaching Materials
    • Webpage of Textbook Recommendation for the 108 Curriculum Guidelines
    • Development and Consultancy of International Curriculum
    • CAVES Zine
    • Customized ELT Materials and Tests
    • Textbooks and Materials of World Language Learning
    • Caves Publishing ELT Textbooks
    • Teaching Packs of World Festivals
    • English Test Preparation Books and Guidelines
    • ELT Textbook Catalogue (Print/Online)
    • Customized Curriculum Form (Lesson Planning/Scope and Sequence)
    • Picture Books for ELT
    Latest Trends of ELT

    We assist language educators striving for excellence in professional development.

    • Trends
    • Bilingual Education
    • The 108 Curriculum Guidelines
    • Competency Teaching
    • CLIL
    • STEAM English
    • Integration of Issue Education
    • 21st Century Skills
    • PBL (Project-Based Learning)
    • SDGs
    • International Education
    • Multiculturalism
    • Projects/Services
    • Lectures on the Management of Children’s Language Institutions
    • Online Professional Developmental Consultation for English Educators
    • Course Material Appreciations
    • Newsletters of the Management of Children’s Language Institutions (Print/Online)
    • NGSS Course Materials
    • CCSS Course Materials
    • Professional On-campus Consultation
    • Consultation on Articulation Curriculum
    • Consultation on Course Material Transition
    • Course Material Recommendations
    Professional Development and Teacher Training

    We provide information and resources for the training of teachers and educational institutes every year.

    • Caves Connect – The Platform of English Teaching Resources & Communities
    • Perspectives & Feature Reports of ELT Trends
    • Sharing of Teaching Practices
    • Diversified Professional Developmental Opportunities
    • Audiovisual Teaching Resources
    • On-site/Online Activities for Teaching Communities
    • Collection of Worldwide Teaching Resources
    • CAVES ROADSHOW – Caves English Language Teaching Convention
    • Oxford University Press Online Conferences (ELTOC/Online with Oxford)
    • Lectures on English Tests (TOEFL、STYLE、KITE、YLE, etc.)
    • Customized Teacher Trainings
    • Customized Lectures for Parents Day
    Reading in Foreign Languages

    We are committed to promoting the power and benefits of reading with ample resources.

    • Projects with Fantastic Partners
    • Co-host of Tainan English Reading Festival
    • Cooperation with the Association of Reading for Tomorrow
    • Collaboration on reading promotion with Penguin Random House
    • Support of Reading Corner Ideas/School Book Purchasing
    • Online Reading Platforms
    • Caves eLand for Readers
    • Reading Platform: Highlights Library
    • Reading Platform: LevelUp
    • Book Recommendation Lists
    • English Course Books Recommendation of the 108 Curriculum Guidelines
    • Book Recommendation for 19 Issues
    • Book Recommendation for Kindergarten
    • Read for Grammar Book List (by CEFR)
    • SDGs Book Recommendation
    • Picture Book Recommendation for 19 Issues
    • Reading Projects for Teens
    • Picture Book Recommendation for STEAM
    • Customized Book Recommendation Lists
    Digital Resources and Services

    We create more possibilities for teaching and learning with good use of digital tools and resources.

    • Digital Teaching Resources
    • Caves Website resources download (w/answers, worksheets, PPT, etc.)
    • Caves WebSource
    • Classroom Presentation Tools
    • Smart Classroom Setup Service (w/software and hardware)
    • Online Assessment Platform
    • Caves Online English Test Platform
    • Caves English Teaching Online Voice Assessment Platform
    • Oxford Placement Test & Oxford Placement Test for Young Learners
    • Sales Platform
    • Caves Online Bookstore
    • MyTB Online Textbook Ordering
    • Membership Services
    • Exclusive Caves Website & WebSource Resources Download
    • Member E-Newsletters (w/membership specials and fun events)
    Parent-Child Language Learning

    We host activities to grant parents and children opportunities to experience the benefits of language learning.

    • Caves Family English Learning Platform
    • Articles for Parent-child English Learning
    • Recommended Digital Resources (by topic & by age)
    • On-site & Online Parent-child English Learning Events
    • Latest News of Parent-child Events
    • Children’s/Teens’ Book Fairs
    • English Picture Books & Resources Platform
    • Lectures on English Picture Books
    • English Novel/Reader Reading Clubs
    • Musical Activities in English
    • Caves Books Staff for a Day
    • English Storytelling & Hands-on Events
    • World Festival Events
    Cooperative Alliances

    We cooperate with language experts and institutes for ELT advancement.

    • Dr. Mike Lockett, Award Winning Storyteller and Author
    • Professionals and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) of Parenting
    • Taiwan’s Civic Guidance Groups of English Education
    • ArtSpot Educational Theatre
    • NACET (National Association of Continuing Education of Taiwan) in New Taipei City and Chiayi County
    • Worldwide Taipei Representative Offices
    • APFT (Association des Professeurs de Français de Taiwan)
    • Domestic and Overseas Publishers (Kang Hsuan Educational Publishing Group, Han Lin Publishing, Nan I Book Enterprise, NE Build & Grow, E*Public, Ladybird Education, McGrawHill, National Geographic Learning, Oxford University Press, Pearson Education, Penguin Random House, Savvas Learning, etc.)
    • Regent Taipei
    • Licensed Music Together Institutions
    • National Library of Public Information
    • Ray Du English (Taiwanese English eaching YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers)
    Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR

    We believe in the power of language learning and contribute resources to children for a better future.

    • Joint English Proficiency Enhancement Program for Remote Schools with E.Sun Bank
    • Joint Charitable Subscription Program with CTBC Charity Foundation
    • Joint Charitable Subscription Program with Quanta Computer
    • Joint Charitable Subscription Program with Chinshin Academy
    • Joint Sponsorship for Remote Schools with Teach For Taiwan
    • Support for Language Teaching and Learning in Remote Areas
    • Joint Sponsorship for The Association of Reading for Tomorrow
    Customer Service Hotline02-8792-5024
    Head Office AdressNo. 207, Sec. 1, Tiding Blvd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114066, Taiwan (R.O.C.)