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What features a Caves person

  • Innovative:

    imaginative, innovative, and problem-solving
  • Professional:

    attitude, knowledge, and skills
  • Enthusiastic:

    energetic, teamwork
  • Execution:

    daring, good at planning, and proactive
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    Employee Happiness

    Creating a balance between work and life, through the building of a positive working environment and healthy life style. Forming an empathetic and supportive corporate culture.

    Quality Working Environment
    Health & Leisure
    Peace of Mind
    • Assurance

      Labor Compensation InsuranceHealth InsuranceRetirement Pension Plan
    • Group Insurance

      Life InsuranceMedical InsuranceCancer InsuranceAccident Insurance
    • Employee Physical Checkup

      Rotational Employee Physical Checkup
    Employees Well-being
    • Welfare Subsidy

      Birthday Cash GiftMid-Autumn Festival Cash GiftXmas Cash GiftHospitalization SubsidyChildren′s Education SubsidyWedding/Funeral SubsidyAnnual Trip SubsidyActivity Subsidy
    • Bonus

      Mid-Autumn Festival BonusDragon Boat Festival BonusPerformance BonusEnd of Year Bonus
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    • Human Resources

    Professional Learning & Development

    Build up capabilities and develop self-growth through diverse learnings and resource sharing

    • Learning Incentives

      Employee Discount for Book PurchasesSubsidy for Employees' External Training CoursesBooks available for lending
    • Professional Development

      On-Job TrainingeLearning
    • Job Rotation

      Career Path PlanningMentoring
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    • Human Resources

    We have a complete welfare system and a comfortable working environment. Please join our team if you are interested in language education and full of enthusiasm. View open positions!

    Customer Service Hotline02-8792-5024
    Head Office AdressNo. 207, Sec. 1, Tiding Blvd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114066, Taiwan (R.O.C.)